The Shift Palette

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The Shift Palette


After a rattling time in my life, I came to the point that I needed to make a shift. I needed to take small steps that I know would lead to transformation. First, I had to shift how I saw myself. I had to stop agreeing with lies and start agreeing with the truth. Second, I had weapons that I was equipped with to shift the internal & external atmosphere around me. The eyeshadows are Beauty Decrees, named with words of truth regarding our identity. The lip colors are weapons that we are equipped with to release with our mouth that come from our true heart.

12- Matte and Mineral Eye Shadows

To Declare Your Identity  (I am...)

Beautiful & Merciful

On Point & Authentic

Dreamer & Original

Mining it Out & Adventurer

Relentless & Generous

Overcomer & Warrior


12 Weapons You're Equipped With Lip Colors

Weapons are your words & actions

No Regrets & Clarity

Kindness & Agreement

Love & Peace

Truth & Remember

Hope & Declare

Thankfulness & Forgiveness




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