Come on in and check out where inner and outer makeup collide. I love beauty in all forms. From dreamy sunsets to lovely lashes. At one time I concentrated to much on the outside. Makeup became my mask, hiding the inside pain. However, I waved my brave banner and decided to deal with the pain. I went on a heart adventure that led to a heart healing.  So on this website you will see inner makeup (heart stories) and outer makeup (BEAUTY DECREE Makeup).

The inner makeup: I will share the adventures of my heart with you. Some adventures are thrilling.  Some are sad, and some are beauty to behold in holy moments. I explore the territory of my heart in a raw and unedited way. 

Adventure awaits as we find beauty in the hard things of life. Treasure amongst the mess. Despite destructive and tragic experiences we can arise with a new heart song.  

The outer makeup: BEAUTY DECREE Makeup. Each eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss are purposefully and intentionally named to inspire and empower women to see themselves as valuable, worthy, and beautiful. I invite you to explore them all and choose those that speak to your heart.

Love extravagantly!

Sandra Rohrer